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The Form Glass Company was originally founded as a small enterprise specializing in glass processing.

In 1999 year in Kosovo the warehouse of 100m2 was opened in the city of Ferizaj, while in 2007 the company Forma Glass was expanded to its warehouse with a surface area of ​​2000m2 and was equipped with sophisticated cutting and processing machines with European standards.

Also with the establishment of the facility, the amount of products was increased. Now you can find more than 100 types of glass in our warehouse: balcony glass, shower cabin, bullet glass, high security glass, fire glass, etc.

Forma Glass also makes wholesale and retail glass trade. Customer hospitality, quality and professionalism make the company a leader in the market.


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Nora Kelmendi, Ferizaj, Kosovo

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Forma Glass


+377 44 47 91 13